Tales from the Broker’s Tour

On Mondays and Tuesday real estate agents tour new listings. Broker’s tours are open houses exclusively for agents. They allow agents to keep up with current inventory and offer sellers a valuable opportunity to introduce their home to the real estate community.

1116 Beech Road, Bryn Mawr, 1/7/2019

The waterfall creek in the front is the reason people invented the word bucolic.

This house heard you liked lofts. So it put a loft in the loft.

Some clarification:

A loft is the upper floor of a building, especially when not partitioned. Usually we’re talking about renovated attics or converted apartments in warehouses. Think about a large open space with slanted ceilings and no walls. They are versatile and useful spaces; Bed room, office, studio, playroom, gym.

There is also a loft bed, like a bunk bed with no lower bunk. A ladder leads to a raised platform ideal for sleeping, or reading. But too close to the ceiling for standing up. It’s a cozy space, like an elevated fort.

This house has a loft bed in the attic loft space.

That’s why I’m going to call it Lofty Waters.

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When it’s time to change your living situation, you need an agent that understands the process and the stakes. I can get you the most money for your home, or the most home for your money. I can help make a complicated process clear, and the thorniest decision straightforward. Once you know what it is you want to achieve, I will help you accomplish your goal. You’re ready to turn the page on a new chapter. I’m excited to see what the future brings.

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