New Rule

There’s a new agreement of sale in PA and it has some interesting changes. Now buyers have to release all inspection reports and due diligence to the seller.

This is different than how it used to be. We used to say that because buyers pay for the home inspection, they own the information. It was the buyers choice to share the inspection report with the seller, or just share the relevant highlights.

The contract now states that the “buyer WILL present all reports in their entirety to the seller.”

There is also a new clause about who is allowed to attend a home inspection. Sometimes buyers invite friends or family to the home inspection. I’ve always considered this a harmless or even cheerful practice and welcomed visitors. My feeling is that if the buyers want to share this exciting experience then that should be encouraged or at least indulged.

The lawyers apparently disagree. The new contract states that the only people allowed to attend home inspections are the parties and their agents.