Tales from the Broker’s Tour

On Mondays and Tuesday real estate agents tour new listings. Broker’s tours are open houses exclusively for agents. They allow agents to keep up with current inventory and offer sellers a valuable opportunity to introduce their home to the real estate community.

1316 Wrenfield Way 1/7/2019

This is a landmark development and I think a lot of people are curious how they look inside. They’re just as beautiful as you have imagined.

A thing that fascinates me are micro hierarchies. You know that location is the most important thing in real estate. And you probably know the most desirable streets in your town.

This happens inside buildings and planned communities as well. The more desirable homes in the landmark Wrenfield development are those with the attached garage.

Now the homes with a garage across the way are lovely too, I am not trying to run them down. But if you have the attached garage, you don’t have to walk outside with your groceries. These are the things real estate agents think and worry about.

So in conclusion, the two things you want to know about this property. It is epic inside, and it has an attached garage.